Pervez Pir

Has the definition or expectation of convenience changed over time? The people who might best know the answer to this are people in the convenience store business – people like today’s guest.

Pervez Pir is the President of Retail at Loop Neighborhood Marketplace, and he has an important perspective on the value of convenience and convenience stores in the lives of the people who use those stores. Listen to the episode to hear what Pervez has to say about Loop’s retail strategies, what trends have changed in recent years, and what’s most important to creating the Loop experience.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

What Pervez does now and how he got there
How Loop came about and how Perez got introduced to it
What Loop caters to
Why people love coming back to Loop
The strategy behind Loop’s locations
How the definition of convenience has evolved
Trends that have changed since the COVID days
What’s most important to the Loop experience
Why Loop’s customers visit so often
The lessons Pervez has taken from being in the convenience store business for so long
What’s going to change in convenience
Advice on how to grow in the convenience store business



Pervez Pir

Loop Neighborhood Market




“If we had windows, we took down all the signage and we limited the signage so from a safety aspect, being to see outside and our employees being able to see you.”

“I would say it’s more about clean lines.”

“Food is a big, central hub for us.”

“When COVID hit, obviously this helped us because having a lot of the full service allowed us to continue serving and we didn’t have to shut down the offerings.”

“I think consumers are looking for loyalty, you know being able to couch surf and order straight on their app.”

“Food has to be the way you differentiate.”