Tommy Yionoulis

When you’re a business operator, how can you make sure you’re on track, gather the information you need, and keep up with what your team needs and what they’re doing? The answer is good operations management. And that’s what today’s guest’s business does – operations management and analytics.

Tommy Yionoulis is the founder of OpsAnalitica. Previously he worked in restaurants and also did a stint as a stand-up comedian. Listen to today’s episode to hear what Tommy has to say about why he founded OpsAnalitica, what benefits businesses see from Tommy’s platform, and how his services work for brick and mortar businesses.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

What Tommy is all about
What made Tommy start OpsAnalitica
Ops Analytica’s typical customers
The benefits of using Tommy’s platform
Changes that Tommy’s seen in the past few years
The data that helps operators manage their businesses
Challenges that Tommy sees operators facing
Tommy’s view of technology in the workplace
Operations management in brick and mortar industries
Advice Tommy would give to help operators streamline operations



Tommy Yionoulis





“I am all about checklists. That’s all I do.”

“The platform is vertical agnostic, and it can be in any vertical.”

“It just becomes the thing you use to manage the field, to collect information, and ensure that your teams are doing what they’re supposed to be doing.”

“The accountability is the data on what’s actually happening.”

“It’s hard to believe that the iPhone’s not even 20 years old yet.”