Doron Friedman

Over recent years, there have been many changes in what people expect from retailers. People want to shop locally, but they also want the convenience afforded to them by big retailers. SpotOn helps smaller retailers achieve that. Today, you’ll hear from Doron Friedman, co-founder of SpotOn.

Listen to the episode to hear more about Doron and SpotOn, and how SpotOn helps businesses. Learn how SpotOn’s clients use the service, how it helps them cope with changing trends and challenges, and why small businesses should be thinking about using alternative types of payment.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

How Doron got to where he is
What types of businesses SpotOn brings on board
How SpotOn’s clients use SpotOn
Changes and trends that Doron has seen in customer behavior
How SpotOn helps brands with changes and challenges
Core technology needs that businesses have
What merchants get wrong about investing in tech
Why small businesses would want to introduce alternative payments
How smaller businesses can compete with bigger e-tailers
The big lessons that Doron has learned



Doron Friedman





“The funny thing is, as a child, I always wanted to become an investment banker.”

“I’m having the time of my life. SpotOn is an incredible business that helps many businesses really grow, especially in times like this.”

“From a core aspect they should have solutions that one, they can connect with their customers.”

“I think there was a study that over 25% of people, college kids, have crypto.”

“If you can give them the convenience, as we said before, they would prefer to shop locally.”

“No matter what level in your organization, don’t take it for granted.”