Jason Goldberg

What is a “retail geek”, and what can they tell you about today’s retail market? You’ll find out when you listen to today’s interview with Jason Goldberg, the Chief Commerce Strategy Officer at Publicis. Listen in to hear what Jason has to say about the challenges for retailers as the country moves on post-pandemic, what retailers should be focusing on right now, and the importance of door side and curbside pickup in the current retail environment.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

Jason’s “retail geek” moniker
Jason’s association with the National Retail Federation
Biggest challenges for retailers as they get back to things post-pandemic
Changes that retailers should be focusing on
What retailers get wrong about combining online and offline experiences
The importance of getting door side or curbside pickup right
Best in-store experiences Jason has seen brands create
Best practices for retailers to focus on now
Which technologies are being adopted quickly


Jason “Retail Geek” Goldberg



“I actually think we’re probably at the very end of the beginning of things.”

“We’re seeing a huge consolidation in retail.”

“There are all these operational things you would think about that are all predicated on knowing is that a permanent shift in consumer behavior or a tertiary shift in consumer behavior?”