Chris Walton

Today’s guest, Chris Walton, has a long history in retail. He started out at The Gap, and is the former Vice President of Target’s Store of the Future project. He’s now the founder and CEO of Omni Talk, a keynote speaker, and a senior contributor to Forbes, among other things. Listen to the episode to hear what Chris has to say about how COVID-19 is changing consumer behavior, what changes retailers should be making right now, and how to build up a retail brand.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

Chris’s retail background
Changes in customer behavior since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic
Short and long-term changes that retailers should make
How retailers can implement a streamline digital and physical strategy
How to bring in-store experiences online
Best practices for retailers to focus on right now
Areas that retailers should avoid
Best in-store experiences Chris has seen
How to evaluate retail technologies
How to build up a retail brands


Chris Walton


“Even amid COVID-19, only 53% of the American population, for example, has tried e-groceries.”

“The thing that I think is the biggest concern right now is that stores just aren’t the safest place to shop.”

“The mall developers need to step up, and for the most part I would say they haven’t been.”