Suuchi Ramesh

Today’s guest is Suuchi Ramesh. Suuchi is the founder and CEO of Suuchi Inc, a platform for fashion brands and retailers. Succhi joins the podcast to share her insight into the changes in the retail space in the current era. Listen in to hear what she has to say about how retailers can prepare for market changes, what retailers can learn from Amazon, and what the future holds for retail.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

Suuchi’s company and how she started it
Biggest changes that Suuchi has seen in customer behavior
What retailers should be doing to prepare for market changes
Key areas of tech that companies should be looking at
How companies can bridge the gap between online and offline
What can be learned from Amazon
Advice for smaller retailers for how to learn more about their customers and become more customer-centric
Technologies that Suuchi feels have been adopted at a faster pace than expected
What the future of retail looks like


Suuchi Ramesh



“Number one, I think from a consumer standpoint, consumers want a lot more transparency to what they’re buying and how what they’re buying has been made.”

“A mobile-first philosophy is super important.”

“It’s really about having all parts of the supply chain connected so you have an informed view.”