Lance Graulich

You can’t think about brick-and-mortar retail without considering franchises. Is a franchise right for you? Will a specific franchise work in your region of the US? How much work does it take to maintain a franchise? These are some of the important questions that a person must consider when thinking about franchising.

In today’s episode, you’ll hear from Lance Graulich, founder and CEO of ION Franchising. Listen to the episode to hear what Lance has to say about assessing whether a potential franchisee is ready, which industries are fun, challenging, or lucrative, and common mistakes that new franchisees make.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

Lance’s background
What Lance does
Whether Lance has to assess whether people are ready to own a franchise
The most fun franchise brands Lance has been part of
When do you know whether to look into a franchise or start your own business
Whether some ideas only work in certain regions of the United States
How to test something that works in one region to see if it will work in other parts of the US
The most popular franchise categories
The most difficult franchise categories
Industries that are lucrative but challenging to get into
The right time to start franchising
Problems that up-and-coming franchisees encounter
Common mistakes of franchisees

Advice for new franchisees



Lance Graulich

ION Franchising



“Most people don’t know much about the franchise world, lotta misconceptions. You don’t have to be a millionaire to own a franchise, there are other things besides McDonald’s.”

“As we all know, and everybody listening knows, timing is never perfect.”

“The easy answer today with technology is it’s all about demographics.”

“What franchising does is put the technology piece together that typical mom-and-pop can’t necessarily afford.”

“Most people, even if they didn’t have a passion for the pet business, can develop a passion for profitability.”