Pat Egan

See’s Candies is a retailer that hardly needs an introduction, because it’s so widely known. And what could be better than working for a popular candy manufacturer and retailer? In today’s episode, you’ll hear from Pat Egan, the CEO of See’s Candies. Listen in to learn about what brought Pat to the brand from the energy field, how to keep employees happy and providing great experiences for customers, and how to balance innovation with the essence of an established, historic brand.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

Pat’s background
What brought Pat to the brand
Changes Pat has seen in consumer behavior
The secret to happy employees and good in-location experiences
Balancing innovation and keeping the brand essence intact
What customers enjoy about the brand and store location experiences
Advice Pat would give to other retailer
See’s company culture
Keys to keeping customers happy
What brick and mortar retailers can learn to make them better
Celebrating See’s centennial
See’s plans for the future
Pat’s favorite in-store locations outside of See’s


Pat Egan



“Our job is to make people happy. And we get to do that every day.”

“In 2019, we broke a million packages shipped for the first time in company history, this year we anticipate breaking about 2.2 million.”

“Always take care of your customer and listen to them.”