Samuel Mueller

What is driving the demand for self-service technologies inside store locations? That’s one of the things that you’ll hear about in today’s episode. Joining the podcast today is Samuel Mueller of Scandit, a company that provides technology that facilitates better communication between retailers and consumers. Listen to the episode to hear what Samuel has to say about how he began Scandit, what changes he’s seen in consumer behavior, and what he sees in the future of the retail industry.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

What Scandit is all about
What led Samuel to start Scandit
How retailers use Scandit technology
Changes in consumer behavior and the use of technology
Whether there will be more technology changes in the near future
Samuel’s advice for retailers
Influencing factors that drive demand for self-servicing technology
The future of the retail industry and physical store locations
Samuel’s favorite places to visit in Zurich


Samuel Mueller



“If you think about what a smartphone does and what a smartphone is, it’s really, in many regards, an extension to ourselves at this point.”

“Everyone obviously needs to think hard about the core operational needs and digitization needs relative to business strategy and strategic objectives that they’re setting out to accomplish.”

“Physical store locations, in some sense, are sort of experience, curation, and instant gratification hubs of sorts.”