Michael Mohammed

What do you need to think about when establishing a franchise business model? What’s attractive about fast-casual restaurants? These are some of the questions that Michael Mohammed will address in today’s show. Michael is the CEO of Chronic Tacos, a restaurant that focuses on food authenticity and a flavor experience. Check out the episode to learn what Michael thinks about the experience customers get in Chronic Taco locations, what the keys are to building a brand, and how to know what customers are demanding.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

The Chronic Tacos story
How many restaurants there are
The restaurant’s business model
The experience created in Chronic Tacos locations
Michael’s background outside the restaurant industry
TWhat intrigued Michael about the fast-casual restaurant industry
The keys to building a brand
Michael’s plan for scalability
Challenges Michael experienced franchising locally and overseas
Consumer trends that have changed in the restaurant industry
Knowing what customer demands are
How to ask for customer feedback
The Chronic Tacos approach to managing social media pages
How to create visibility in a new market
Critical aspects to a great in-location experience
Why brands fail at delivering great in-location experiences
What’s ahead for Chronic Tacos


Michael Mohammed



“We really try to engage all the senses in our restaurant.”

“So much was in the founders’ heads, of how this worked and what made it work.”

“We try to really be engaged with what’s going on in our social media platforms and respond right away and engage with them.”