Mariam Reza

How can brands continue having a conversation with their consumers through multiple channels? Today’s guest is Mariam Reza, and she explains the value and details of conversational AI. Listen to her interview to hear what Mariam has to say about the company she works for, LivePerson, how they enable brands to better reach out to their customers, and what the demand is for a conversational AI experience.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

Mariam’s career path
How Mariam started out with LivePerson
What LivePerson is all about
How LivePerson enables its customers to reach out to their customers
Having one customer conversation across different mediums
The state of the demand for AI-powered experience
Challenges in the conversational AI space
Tactical steps for putting together a conversational AI plan
What brands need to know


Mariam Reza



“I love that our vision as a company is really to make life easy for consumers and brands.”

“If I take store as one channel, you’ve got all the others, really, living on your device.”

“In building very good AI, you need very very very good experts.”