Richard Kestenbaum

Today’s consumers have a variety of different ways to shop and buy, so it’s important for retailers not just to have a great product, but also to communicate their message and values clearly to the consumer. That’s part of what today’s guest is here to talk about Richard Kestenbaum is Cofounder and a partner at Triangle Capital LLC and a contributing writer to Forbes. Listen in to today’s episode to hear what Richard has to say about the challenges that he’s noticed in consumer behavior, what retailers need to be thinking about post-COVID-19, and why retailers need a solid message about their values as a foundational part of their business.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

What Richard does at Triangle Capital
Richard’s backstory
The biggest challenges Richard has noticed in consumer behavior
Whether Richard approaches coaching with a pre- and post-COVID approach
What retailers are getting wrong in developing omnichannel experiences
Best practices retailers can use to implement their values
What consumers are looking for
Whether there are areas that retailers should avoid
The best in-store experiences that Richard has seen
Technologies that are being adopted faster than others
Technologies that Richard thinks are ready to take off
Richard’s guidance for listeners


Richard Kestenbaum


“In order to do what we do, you have to spend all day talking to CEOs, because they’re the only ones who can make the kinds of decisions involved in doing mergers and acquisitions.”

“We’ve seen that as new brands are created and go direct to consumer, the cost of acquiring customers is very high.”

“If the customer acquisition cost is not built into the foundation of the business, it’s going to be really hard to get to profitability.”