Hemant Chavan

How can you build an online shopping type of experience in a brick and mortar retail space? That’s one of the things that today’s guest will be talking about. In today’s episode, you’ll hear from Hemant Chavan of Brik and Clik, an idea that’s meant to unite the online and offline shopping worlds. Listen in to hear what Hemant has to say about how his clients use the product he offers, what today’s top value drivers are, and what technologies Hemant is excited about.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

Hemant’s background
Brik and Clik
How clients use Hemant’s product
Why customers work with Hemant instead of creating their own stores
Top value drivers today
How long customers will work with Hemant
Hemant’s favorite technologies
Advice for smaller store owners regarding checkout and the post-selling experience
How Hemant’s VR model is different
Hemant’s vision of the future for brick-and-mortar retail stores
Why you should support small businesses


Hemant Chavan

Brik and Clik



“We’re kind of recreating that online experience in-store by getting these essential products out to the customers where the customers are.”

“We’re big proponents of using the technology to empower our salespeople and our staff instead of replace them.”

“The best part of it is, when your lease is over, you can have that store with you forever.”