Neha Singh

Things are possible in a virtual experience that may not be possible in a physical store. To talk more about what’s happening virtually and what’s possible, Neha Singh of Obsess joins the podcast to talk about the technology her company offers and how the brands who use her technology create experiences for customers. Listen in to learn about use cases for Obsess’s software, how brands think about creating immersive experiences, and what separates virtual experiences from online stores.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

Neha’s background
What got Neha excited about starting Obsess
Use cases for Obsess’s software
How brands measure the effects of the technology
Why these retail segments are the first movers in the VR storefront
How brands consider creating immersive shopping experiences
How virtual experiences compare with online stores
Differences between younger shoppers and other demographics when it comes to technology
Advice for integrating physical and online retail experiences
How an immersive experience helps brick-and-mortar brands tell their story better



Neha Singh




“Our mission is to reinvent online shopping interface.”

“Basically, there’s like a huge almost disconnect between the experience of buying this product like if you were in the store versus the experience of buying it online.”

“To integrate it into online it’s actually fairly easy and it gives you a much higher user base.”