Nick Delyani

Retailers know that things can change fast, so getting real-time data can make a big difference in allowing them to make the decisions they need to make to provide customers with a great experience. That’s what Nick Delyani’s business, Xovis, provides to retail clients – real-time information that can help ensure they make informed decisions. Listen to today’s conversation to learn more about what Xovis does, what Nick has seen change in retail over the last 18 months, and the benefits of real-time data over historical data.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

What Nick does
What Nick’s company, Xovis, does
The types of companies that use Xovis’s services
Biggest changes that Nick has seen with consumer behavior
Nick’s favorite experiences in retail
Advice Nick would give to retailers about building a great experience
Benefits of real-time data vs. historical data
The insights that retailers are getting from COVID
What clients learn from using Nick’s business
Important in-store movement patterns
Elements that provide great in-store locations
Technology that’s going to have a big impact on brick-and-mortar retail



Nick Delyani



“We’ve seen the customers come in and spend maybe less time in space than they have in the past.”

“It’s important to make decisions quickly to react to the customer’s experience.”

“I think really what we’ve figured out so far is that people like painless checkout.”