Andre Hordagoda

The demand for digital, remote shopping services has only grown since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. The company co-founded by today’s guest has been around for years, but you can understand how they would have picked up in usage since early last year. Andre Hordagoda cofounded Go Instore, a service that allows consumers to use video to talk to sales personnel and shop, giving them an in-store experience but from their homes. Listen in to today’s interview to learn more about Andre, how his company’s technology works, and what drives customers to make purchases.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

Andre’s background
Go Instore’s technology
How the technology works for the customer
What clients see when they visit the website
The biggest changes in consumer behavior over the pandemic
Value drivers that move customers to purchase
Andre’s favorite stores to experience and visit
Technology that Andre sees in the future of retail
What Andre is excited about in the future



André Hordagoda



“There’s a massive difference between a website’s performance and a physical store’s performance.”

“It’s taken us seven years and a global pandemic to become an overnight success.”

“We have been doing live-streaming for four years. We were pioneers. We did it before it was big in .”