Peter Tonstad

It’s not always obvious how a shopping center or mall can engage consumers and pull in foot traffic, but today’s client has ideas. Peter Tonstad is the CEO of Placewise, a company that works with malls and other types of shopping centers to attract customers, benefit tenants, and bridge online and offline gaps. Listen in to hear what Peter has to say about what should be done differently post-pandemic, how malls can successfully engage shoppers, and what smaller strip centers can do to build foot traffic.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

How Peter got started with Placewise
What Placewise’s typical clients are like
What needs to be done differently post-COVID
The different dynamics in the evolution of shopping centers
How malls and large shopping centers attract customers back
Bridging the gap between online and offline
Ways that malls can measure their success in engaging shoppers
How smaller strip centers can create footfall
What Peter does to coach clients to create focus areas for clients
Why clients want to work with Placewise
In-store experiences that Peter likes
What’s going to be important for shopping centers to embrace
The future of malls and shopping centers
Fun things to do in Norway



Peter Tonstad



“Yes, footfall is challenged by e-commerce, and it’s also challenged by let’s say overrepresentation of physical retail in general.”

“I think the key is: malls serve as community offerings.”

“It’s more complex technically to serve a shopping center.”