Oscar Sachs

What does online shopping really have to do with driving customers into the store? What if you learned that in-store experiences often start outside the store and that some of the best in-store experiences start online? That’s what today’s guest will be talking about.

Oscar Sachs is the Co-Founder and CEO of Salesfloor. Listen to his interview to learn how the platform works, how store associates can use the platform even with in-store customers, and how virtual shopping can be used to drive more consumers in-store.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

Oscar’s history and background
The Salesfloor platform
How store associates engage with the in-store customer
How an in-store experience starts outside the store
Whether consumer behavior patterns have changed in the last few years
Whether the person needed for a store associate role has changed
How virtual selling affects in-store traffic
Oscar’s favorite in-store experiences
The future of tech inside of retail stores
Oscar’s tips for retailers
Fun things to do in Montreal



Oscar Sachs



“I’m not just saying “hey do you want to buy a pair of pants?” I’m showing them how to create outfits.”

“It’s time for retailers to say I need to bring what made me great in-store and made my brand so successful, I need to bring that online.”

“We have technology that measures how store interactions online are directly driving customers in-store to purchase.”