Chris Kaighn

Fashion retailers have been through a difficult period, but at this point, their customers miss them as much as they miss their customers. Chris Kaighn is the Senior Vice President – Boutiques, Real Estate, and Strategic Partnerships at Francesca’s. Listen in to hear what she has to say about changes she’s seen in the landscape during her time in this role, the top demands of her customers, and what to look for in associates.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

Chris’s background and current role
Who Chris serves in her role at Francesca’s
Recent changes Chris has seen
What parts of the experience Chris focuses on
Top demands of customers
What “free to be you” is all about
What differentiates Francesca’s
Technology that needs to be implemented in Francesca’s locations
How important it is to address diversity and inclusion
Top skills that Chris looks for in associates
Empowering the workforce
How to get people excited about coming back to locations
How Chris is thinking about the future of Francesca’s
Experiences that Chris loves from other brands
What Chris thinks people should do in Columbus



Chris Kaighn



“I think for that customer, it’s critical that we stand for something.”

“We need to make our brand the employer of choice out there.”

“How we serve is just as important as who we serve.”