Carlos Castelan

Today’s guest is Carlos Castelan, Founder and Managing Director of the Navio Group. In today’s interview, he shares his thoughts about the future of the retail experience, how it’s been affected by the pandemic, and where retail is headed in the future. Listen in to hear Carlos talk about the origin of his firm and where they got their name, what sort of long-term changes are coming to the retail space, and what technologies Carlos is excited to see more of.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

The origin of The Navio Group
Where the word Navio came from
Biggest changes Carlos has seen in customer and consumer behavior
Whether the COVID-related changes will be the new norm
Long-term changes that are coming to retail
The importance of sustainability
What retailers get wrong when it comes to creating online and offline experiences
Advice to retailers when opening back up post-COVID
Things that retailers should avoid doing right now
Carlos’s favorite in-store experience
Key takeaways for retailers to help them build their in-store experience
Technologies that are being adopted at a faster pace than Carlos anticipated
Technology that Carlos is excited about
What Carlos sees for the future of retail


Carlos Castelan


“The word Navio really comes from the old explorers that would use ships to go out and chart new courses.”

“I think if we start to look at what’s happening outside the US, I think that probably serves as a decent model for what will happen on the back end.”

“I do think that this whole process is going to necessitate the acceleration of any sort of e-commerce investments.”