Brian Malkerson

You’re already familiar with SMS messages, but you may not be familiar with their power as a marketing channel. Today’s guest works for a company that harnesses that power and uses it to drive consumers into their customers’ retail location. Listen in to today’s interview with Brian Malkerson, Chief Revenue Officer at Attentive. Today, Brian discusses what it was like building Attentive, how customers work with a company like Attentive, and how people on the consumer end interact with the Attentive platform.”


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

Brian’s background
What it was like building Attentive from the ground up
The typical customer for Attentive
How customers use Attentive
How does a company that wants to get into SMS marketing work with a company like Attentive
How consumers interact with the platform
Strategies retailers look for in a text messaging campaign
Whether consumers are comfortable communicating with brands via SMS
How retailers are engaging shoppers in-store
Attentive’s content team
Value drivers that may have changed over the past few years
Favorite in-store experiences that Brian has seen
Technologies that we’re going to see in the next 10 years
Cool things that Brian recommends doing in New York



Brian Malkerson





“We’re happy to jump on a quick call and walk anyone through just to educate them on the space, even if now is not the right time or they’re looking at other options.”

“If you can’t do something at scale and have high-quality users, then no marketing channel is going to be very effective.”

“I think that’s kind of the million-dollar question for a lot of people is first early last year, “how do we quickly adapt to this environment?”