John Orr

How important is workforce management and what tools do employers use to do it? Listen in to today’s interview with John Orr, the SVP Retail at Ceridian. In today’s episode, he talks about the customer use cases for Ceridian’s services, the challenges that brick-and-mortar spaces are currently facing, and how customers are thinking about employee treatment, retention, and workforce management since the pandemic.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

John’s background
What Ceridian does
Customer use cases for Ceridian’s services
Why customers come back to Ceridian
Challenges that brick-and-mortar retail spaces face
How workforce management technology makes an impact on brick-and-mortar stores
Why engagement is important
What Ceridian is thinking about the future of engagement
Tools that retailers employ to manage their workforce
Customers that John has worked with to improve the in-store performance of employees
Guidance for retailers on changes that have happened in consumer behavior patterns
Bringing employee engagement and customer experience together
What John is excited about technology-wise
Fun things to do in Atlanta



John Orr





“We span all sectors of retail, and in our vernacular, retail includes hospitality.”

“I think they buy the technology and the platform and they stay for the service.”

“We’re all trying to do one-to-one marketing with our customers, and their experience. The same holds true for the employees.”