Alper Aydemir

Footwear can fit better and feel better, and Volumental is proving it. Today’s episode features Alper Aydemir, the CEO and co-founder of Volumental. Listen in to hear more about what Volumental does and what the role of Volumental and similar technology is in the future of retail. In today’s episode, Alper discusses what his typical clients are like, how the company’s tech works with the client, and what technology retailers should be thinking about for the future.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

Alper’s history with Volumental
Why Alper started his own company
What Volumental is all about
Who Volumental’s typical clients are
How Volumental’s tech works with its clients
Whether there’s more interest in Volumental’s product now
Whether Alper is seeing a change in consumer behaviors
Why in-location experiences matter
Alper’s favorite in-store experiences
What retailers need to be thinking about on the technology side



Alper Aydemir





“One thing that has happened throughout last year is we made something like 8 years’ worth of progress in e-commerce in 8 months.”

“It doesn’t cut it anymore to just have a picture and a size dropdown. Everyone has that.”

“You own your own body data and how things fit you, and you’ll be able to carry that from place to place and get the best experience.”