Jared Margolis

Buying shoes can be a treat if you have the right shoe-buying experience. Today’s guest, Jared Margolis of Payless, wants to bring a clean, attractive, omnichannel experience to the shoppers that come to Payless, both in the US and internationally. Listen in to hear what Jared has to say about why he joined payless, what he thinks is important when it comes to omnichannel, and what kind of changes his company is making to the in-store experience.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

Jared’s background
Why Jared joined Payless
How Jared approached his task
What’s important to Jared when he talks about omnichannel
What the company is trying to figure out before scaling again
Whether there’s a focus on how consumer behavior has changed
Changes to the in-location experience
Great experiences Jared has seen in-location
Favorite stores that Jared likes to shop in
Advice for brands that want to reinvent themselves
Jared’s favorite technology for on-location experiences
Jared’s predictions on in-store experiences post-pandemic
How inventory changes based on location
Fun things to do in Miami



Jared Margolis




“Having this blank canvas in America, we still have some great momentum coming in from our international business.”

“The brick and click is just critical. You can’t do one without the other, especially in the shoe business.”

“The vision that we have here at Payless is really to focus on being part of the community.”