Jeremy Goldman

Even if a value-driver seems obvious, businesses might still miss it. Today’s guest mentions a few seemingly obvious things, like providing basic needs and understanding the consumer, that some brands still struggle to get right. Jeremy Goldman is a Principal Analyst at Insider Intelligence, and in today’s episode, he discusses value-drivers he’s seen over the past few years, frameworks for building a memorable brick-and-mortar experience, and how to encourage people to come back to the location to shop.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

Jeremy’s career
What Insider Intelligence is all about
Jeremy’s podcast and its focus
The consumer behavior changes and value drivers that Jeremy has seen over the past few years
What experience means to Jeremy and how to create one
Why the in-location experience matters
Jeremy’s favorite brands
Frameworks for building a brick-and-mortar experience
Creating a memorable experience online
How to encourage people to come back for an in-store shopping experience
Technology that was adopted faster than Jeremy expected
Jeremy’s comedy shows and things he wants people to see in New York



Jeremy Goldman




“Animals like to see each other in person versus through screens.”

“It turns out that there’s data that shows that having a good experience in one channel, like brick and mortar, can have a halo effect so that then people start to buy more from you online.”

“COVID was the impetus for me to realize that something was the superior experience. I think that’s what a lot of people are finding.”