Kate Paynter

Resale has many differences from other types of retail. What gets the retail customer in the store? What keeps them coming back? And with their business model, how seriously may they be affected by an event like a pandemic? That’s what you’ll hear today from Kate Paynter, a franchise owner who had to close all of her stores for eight weeks at the beginning of COVID. Hear how they operated, how they survived the shutdown, and how they came back in today’s episode. 


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

Kate’s trajectory in business
How much has changed about the customer during COVID
How Kate decided to open another store
What’s changed for the store during the pandemic
What changes Kate had to make to sustain things during COVID
Kate’s thoughts about the growth of the clothing resale business over the past few years
Technology trends for the industry
Whether anything has changed about the way they take in product
How Kate keeps employees loyal
Technologies that Kate wants to see integrated into the store
Advice for entrepreneurs who want to grow
What Kate has learned over the past year
Where people should visit in Cincinnati



Kate Finger Paynter




“Our customer loves the hunt.”

“We can see a customer from newborn all the way up to graduating college.”

“We have a big reason for customers to want to walk into our store and that’s because we’re going to pay them cash.”