Dustin Jones

What is digitization and why is it so important right now? That’s one of the subjects that today’s guest talks about. Dustin Jones is the founder and CEO of the Unified Commerce Group, and he joins the podcast today to give his perspective on brick-and-mortar retail as a buyer. Listen in to hear what Dustin has to say about his acquisition of Frank and Oak, how to define a next-generation retail brand, and how to scale globally.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

Dustin’s background
What enticed Dustin to acquire Frank and Oak
What defines a next-generation retail brand
What Dustin defines as digitization
Advice Dustin gives to retailers to think about their brick-and-mortar side or their digital side
How to scale globally
Dustin’s favorite locations for customer experiences
Why Dustin believes in physical retail
Favorite places in Hong Kong



Dustin Jones




“We believe that the future of retail is brands that are digitized and direct.”

“I believe that the next generation of brands are going to be all about being purpose-driven.”

“How you think about, as an owner, connecting yourself digitally to your community is really important.”