Bart Waldeck

Post-pandemic, is a location still as important as it used to be in retail real estate? And how can a retailer get the location that they need in order to make their venture a success? Today’s episode features an interview with Bart Waldeck of Tango Analytics. He discusses what Tango does and the types of clients they attract, how their software can help clients, and what the role of the brick-and-mortar store is going forward.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

What Tango does
The types of clients that use Tango
How the software helps enable retailers to procure a location
How COVID has changed or affected consumer behavior
The role of the store going forward
How retailers can use technology to connect with their customers better
Whether location is as important as it used to be
How to integrate local locations to a successful online business
Brands Bart enjoys shopping with
Fun things that Bart likes about Chicago



Bart Waldeck




“We provide the data and analytics that help them understand what’s a good going rental rate within the market itself.”

“I’d say lastly, probably, omnichannel is finally here.”

“In all the different permutations of how you can buy things today and receive them, the store is going to be checking two out of three of those boxes most of the time.”