Tony Donofrio

How is COVID-19 going to change retail? What trends that were already in place are beginning to accelerate because of the changes necessitated by the pandemic? How can essential retailers leverage the business they’re getting right now, and how can nonessential retailers ensure their survival and success once we’re in a post-COVID world? Those are some of the questions addressed by today’s guest Tony Donofrio, CEO of TD Insights. Listen to the interview to hear what Tony has to say about how nonessential retailers can hit the ground running post-COVID-19, what retailers get wrong about merging online and offline experiences, and what changes will be temporary or permanent after the pandemic.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

How Tony got started in retail
Biggest changes Tony has seen in customer behavior in the last few years
Whether nonessential retailers will be able to get back to business post-COVID-19
Whether the current changes are likely to be temporary or become the new normal
Whether there are things retailers can do now to prepare so that they’re in a good place when things reopen
What retailers get wrong when merging online and in-store services
Best practices that retailers can start implementing today
Areas that Tony thinks retailers should avoid right now
Best in-store experience Tony has seen
Key takeaways for retailers during the pandemic
The biggest things that are going to shape retail in the next five years


Tony Donofrio


“COVID-19 is leading to more services such as buy online, pick up in-store.”

“Even my 90-year-old father in Italy has actually ordered groceries and had them delivered.”

“Do things to basically get in front of your customer base, especially if you have a good contact list for that customer base.”