Paul Hedrick

Western is an interesting niche for a brand. It is a niche, but it is also a niche that a large part of the population participates in, so there’s a lot of opportunities there. Today’s guest is Paul Hedrick, founder of Tecovas, a Western brand. Listen in to the episode to hear Paul talk about what his brand is all about, how he grew his physical locations quickly, and how to make an accessible luxury product.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

How Paul founded Tecovas
What the Tecovas brand is all about
The process involved in making boots
How many stores Tecovas has
How Paul managed to grow his stores so quickly
How Paul picked locations
The key elements that make Tecovas unique
How to make a luxury product that’s accessible
Brands that Paul admires
Advice for companies who want to know what to put in the store location
What Paul believes is the power of data technology
Best things to do in Austin



Paul Hedrick




“Our goal is really to be the most beloved Western brand in the world.”

“I would say that the overarching element is hospitality.”

“A brand with the most friends wins.”