John Federman

If you aren’t too familiar with it, you might think that appointment-based shopping only recently blossomed because of the pandemic, but today’s guest says that appointment-based shopping had proved itself long before the emergence of COVID-19.

Listen in to today’s episode to hear John Federman, CEO of JRNI, a company that helps retailers create and change their customer’s experience with appointment-based services. John discusses what his customers are looking for, why in-person experiences are so important, and why smaller retailers might have an advantage right now.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

What JRNI is all about
A typical customer and how they use JRNI
What the customers who use JRNI can achieve long-term
Changes that John has noticed in consumer behavior
Why in-person experiences matter
In-store experiences that John has enjoyed
Advice for smaller retailers
Technologies that have grown over the past few years
Technology that will shape the future of brick and mortar
What appointment-based shopping does for retailers
What makes an in-location experience great
What John would recommend seeing in Bostons



John Federman




“There’s always a mix between need and want with a consumer.”

“At the end of the day, shopping at some level is a visceral, emotional experience.”

“Every vertical needs to make their business more efficient.”