Gabriella Santaniello

How has the pandemic affected the investors that retail stores need? Today’s guest works with retail investors and has insight into the issue. Gabriella Santaniello is the Founder and CEO of A Line Partners, a retail research firm. Gabriella is a retail industry expert herself with years of experience in the field. Listen in to today’s episode to hear more about A Line Partners and what they do and to find out what Gabriella thinks about changes due to COVID, how retailers could improve in-store experiences and what trends she’s seeing in 2021.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

What A Line Partners does
What firms hire A Line Partners for
How it was working for notable brands before A Line Partners
How things have changed through the COVID days
What changes Gabriella thinks are going to stick post-COVID
Whether Gabriella’s research provides an edge to investors
Guidance Gabriella would give retailers on in-store experiences
What Gabriella looks for in changing a store
Gabriella’s favorite retail store
How customers value authenticity
Trends Gabriella is seeing for 2021
What Gabriella wants to see in stores



Gabriella Santaniello




“Retailers now are having so many issues with inventory.”

“If you’re running lean inventory levels, you might as well send it to the stores because you’re going to fulfill online from the stores.”

“Authenticity’s a big deal. And they know when you’re not being authentic.”