Marina Satoafaiga

What’s it like to try to run a mall during the height of the COVID pandemic and lockdowns? Today’s guest knows. Marina Satoafaiga is the Marketing and Business Development Manager at The Shops at Montebello and she has a lot to say about how the community around the Shops at Montebello was affected by the pandemic and the changes since, and how the changes in the community affected retailers.

Listen to Marina talk about how to connect and engage with shoppers during a pandemic, interactions that are coming back now that restrictions are easing, and consumer behavior changes that will stick around post-pandemic.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

Marina’s role and what her day-to-day looks like
What it’s like managing a shopping mall during COVID
What Marina did to connect with customers as the pandemic began
Interactions that went away during COVID that are coming back now
Consumer behaviors that are going to stay post-COVID
Marina’s example of a consumer experience
Marina’s favorite experience
Technologies that have been adopted at the Shops at Montebello
Foreshadowing the future of retail
Marina’s advice for retailers
Where Marina recommends going in Southern California



Marina Satoafaiga




“Like any crisis or any pandemic, the communication departments are really the ones leading the way.”

“Our center’s really a conduit for community.”

“For me, and I keep saying it in this podcast, community has always been my favorite.”