Grace Gan

How are e-commerce and in-store experience complementary, and how has the pandemic affected that, both for brick and mortar-heavy brands and e-commerce-heavy brands? Today’s guest, Senior Director of Consulting and Retail Expert for The Sound, Grace Gan, has some ideas about the subject. Listen to today’s episode to hear what Grace has to say about the problems her company solves for brands, how COVID has altered their priorities, and what changes she expects to see in the future.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

What Grace does at The Sound
Problems that brands using The Sound are trying to solve
How COVID has changed priorities for brands
Whether Grace’s clients are trying to design more e-commerce strategies right now or more store-centric transactions
Changes that Grace expects to see continue post-pandemic
The role of the physical store in the near future
E-commerce brands thinking about creating complementary brick and mortar locations
Great in-store experiences Grace has seen
Fun things in New York that Grace enjoys



Grace Gan



“They want to ensure that every single person who does make it in to the store is going to find what it is that they need, have a great experience, and walk out, hopefully, with a purchase.”

“You’ve gotta think about both aspects as being complementary and wanting to make sure that you’re not just thinking about maximizing conversion when you’re in-store, but maximizing it across the entire decision journey.”

“COVID really only acted as an accelerant that squeezed them even further and pushed them to really think about what are they going to do and what are they going to think about next.”