Eric Kuhn

How has the pandemic affected design problems for brands? Today’s guest, associate design practice, and retail market leader at Bergmeyer, Eric Kuhn, can explain. Listen to today’s episode to hear Eric talk about his role at Bergmeyer, how the design process at his company changed when COVID hit, and how retailers can better manage crowds in a COVID and post-COVID world from a design perspective.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

Eric’s role in his company
What Bergmeyer does
The types of clients Eric works with
How the design process changed when COVID hit
How brick-and-mortar retailers can better manage crowds from a design perspective
Walmart’s new store concept
What’s changed or accelerated due to COVID
Technologies that were adopted faster than Eric expected
Changes that we’ll see in stores in the future
Places Eric recommends visiting in Boston



Eric Kuhn



“In our retail segment, we could work with anywhere from Claire to Circle K, and lots of different brands in-between.”

“I think what we have to do is start thinking about these alternative product delivery solutions.”

“If you think about a customer going to Walmart, it’s about fulfillment.”