Mike Provance

Liquor stores aren’t one of the things that most people think of when they think of shopping online – including liquor store retailers themselves! At least, that was true until the pandemic. With recent events in mind, liquor stores, like everything else, really need an online presence. And today’s guest is ahead of his time as the head of a company that’s been helping liquor retailers gather and use data for several years now. Listen in to hear Mike Provance, founder and president of 3×3, discuss how brands and liquor retailers use his services, what omnichannel means for liquor retailers, and what advice Mike has for independent liquor retailers during this time.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

What got Mike started with 3×3
How Mike’s business works with clients
How Mike uses data
The customer engagement platform that brands and retailers use
Changes Mike has seen to consumer behavior
Use cases that exemplify how transaction data is collected and used
What Mike asks retailers to focus on
How Mike’s company looks at omnichannel
Advice Mike has for independent alcohol retailers
An impressive in-store experience that Mike has seen
Technologies that have been adopted at a faster pace than Mike expected
What liquor stores need in the future
Actionable advice for liquor stores
What Mike recommends doing and seeing in North Carolina



Mike Provance



“Even within a chain of stores, it can vary based on the demographics around the store.”

“What occurred though, was that they put in these systems to handle the transactions online, but didn’t give a lot of thought to well, how do I make sure my customer shows up there?”

“I think that the biggest thing is really to look at your business from the customer point of view.”