Ian McGarrigle

Ian McGarrigle has worked in business to business journalism, publishing, and retail industry event organizing, and he’s the chairman of the World Retail Congress. What’s the World Retail Congress? You’ll find out more about it in today’s interview. Listen in to hear what Ian has to say about his work in the World Retail Congress, how the changes in retail in response to the pandemic will hold up in the long term, and how retailers should think about connecting with their customers.

Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

What the World Retail Congress is
Changes in consumer behavior over the last few years
Whether the pandemic changes are temporary or represent a new normal
Long and short-term changes that retailers need to prepare for
Best practices for retailers for connecting with customers
Things that retailers should avoid doing right now
Ian’s favorite in-store experience
Advice for retailers
Technology lessons that have been adopted more quickly than Ian anticipated


Ian McGarrigle


“We’ve all been changing dramatically because we’ve been adapting and using different digital technologies – mobile primarily in recent years – and that’s really been massively reshaping the industry.”

“We’re going to emerge after this with fewer stores held by retailers.”

“There’s also feedback that consumers are going to hold back because they’re going to feel nervous, anxious.”