Keith Fix

Data about what’s happening with a brand or in a retail store is always useful. And if retailers didn’t understand how important real time information was before the pandemic, they certainly do now. Today’s guest founded a business meant to help retailers and brands gather and use real-time shopper data. Keith is the CEO and Founder of Retail Aware. Listen in to today’s episode to hear what Keith has to say about the problem that his business solves, what decisions clients make with the data he provides, and what’s changed since the pandemic began.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

How Keith got started with Retail Aware
The problem that Retail Aware solves
The typical type of client that Keith’s company works with
Business intelligence as a sensor
How typical implementation that allows clients to get data work
Decisions that Keith sees retailers make with real-time data
The evolution of in-store data gaps in recent years
What Keith is counseling his clients about post-pandemic
Technologies that Keith has seen adopted faster than expected
Whether AI will have the biggest impact on shopping behavior
Spots in Omaha that Keith recommends visiting



Keith Fix



“Retail Aware was kind of born out of a need that I encountered in my previous lifetime.”

“We cut our teeth in the grocery space.”

“I think the biggest thing is the pandemic didn’t change the course of everything. What happened is it accelerated a lot of the trends we were already seeing.”