Dusty Batsell

Real estate is an important factor for brick and mortar retail businesses – they can’t do their work without it. Today’s guest is the EVP of real estate at Baceline investments in Colorado. Listen in to hear Dusty talk about the local industry and how it’s influenced by retail right now, the marketing program that tenants of Dusty’s company use, and marketing advice for brick and mortar businesses struggling in the pandemic.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

Dusty’s role at Baceline Investments
What got Dusty involved with Baceline
What the journey has been like for Dusty’s company during COVID
The role the local industry plays in retail right now
What the in-store experience has been like
Trends that Dusty has seen altered due to the pandemic
Dusty’s marketing program for tenants
Marketing advice for brick and mortar business in respect to the pandemic
Common leasing related challenges that tenants experience
Technology changes that are game-changers for the retail side
What the future looks like to Dusty
Dusty’s favorite spots in Colorado



Dusty Batsell



“We lost 20 tenants, but since that period we’ve been able to gain – I want to say it’s 25 tenants.”

“For the most part, it seems that people are staying closer to home.”

“It’s a scary world, and it can be expensive if you’re a small business and you have the resources to do it.”