Bilal Soylu

What rules have changed since the start of the pandemic, and how are retailers addressing the current situation while also keeping their eyes on future goals? Today’s guest is Bilal Soylu, the founder of the company XcooBee. Listen in to hear Bilal explain what his company does and how his clients use the information they get from XcooBee. You’ll hear what Bilal has to say about the use cases for his services, the goals that retailers set for themselves, and what Bilal sees happening in the future.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

How Bilal ended up creating XcooBee
What XcooBee provides for clients
XccoBee’s use case for restaurants
What Bilal reminds companies to think about when delivering an in-store experience
Whether the rules of working with a sales associate have changed
Goals that retailers have
Favorite in-store experiences that Bilal has had
Technologies that have been adopted at a faster pace than expected
What the future holds
How clients can quantify data
Bilal’s favorite places to go in his area



Bilal Soylu



“The unfortunate thing is when we’re looking at trends and studies and so forth, not everyone behaves the same way.”

“We talk in omnichannel in terms of communication, we’re not just talking phone. We really need to look at retail experience from any channel that the customer wishes to engage with you.”

“When I look at what is memorable, those were normally the memorable experiences – where people knew me, the understood what I was wanting to do without necessarily having to be prying.”