Magdy Kotb

What do your clothes say to the world, and why is important to know that? Today’s guest has answers. In today’s episode, you’ll hear from Magdy Kotb of The Clothing Coach in San Francisco. Magdy grew up in the suit business and takes the role of a clothier seriously. In today’s episode, you’ll hear what Magdy has to say about his career trajectory, how COVID has affected his business, and how Magdy finds clients.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

Magdy’s company and how he got started
A typical client of The Clothing Coach
Magdy’s trajectory between starting in sales and opening his company
What Magdy saw as far as clients and growth pre-COVID
Magdy’s thoughts on in-person retail shopping post-COVID
What’s changed for Magdy’s business since the start of COVID
What’s kept Magdy going through the difficult times
What Magdy’s goal is for The Clothing Coach
How Magdy is getting clients these days
Magdy’s advice for frustrated entrepreneurs
Magdy’s favorite brands in San Francisco
Feedback that Magdy gives back to other entrepreneurs
Whether Magdy’s focus and goals are local or broader than that



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“Really we kind of tie in much more about nonverbal communication, what the clothing represents, what it means, and really we help clients make a statement without saying a single word.”

“The real shift is partly due to the death of the clothier, at least in my industry.”

“The Clothing Coach really, it’s to save the world one gentleman at a time.”