Amish Tolia

Today’s guest has a lot to say about how brands can accelerate and grow, even during a pandemic. Amish Tolia is the Founder and co-CEO of Leap, a company that works with a variety of different brands. This gives Amish a ringside seat to how brands and customers are changing and adapting to the current circumstances and where they might go in the future. Listen in to hear what Amish has to say about why he’s seen acceleration during the pandemic, what changes he’s seen in customer behavior, and how his company helps other brands grow.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

What Leap does
How Amish got started with Leap
Why Amish has seen acceleration during the pandemic
What the bulk of Amish’s clients look like
What Leap provides back to brands
The changes Amish has seen in customer behavior
What to do and not do when creating an omnichannel experience
Amazing in-store experiences Amish has seen
Technologies that Amish saw being created faster than expected
What technology will have the biggest impact on shaping the future of brick and mortar retail
Biggest hurdles or pain points that prevent brands from growing
Why brands should use a service Like Leap to grow
Amish’s favorite stores in the New York area



Amish Tolia



“Through the pandemic, post-pandemic, you can say we are continuing to grow, we’re adding new locations and brands every single week.”

“If you’re a brand on the Leap platform, you very much get a full suite of both qualitative and quantitative analytics and insights that you can then leverage to fuel your business.”

“We probably catch ourselves working a bit more than we used to because the commute times are gone or being able to go out with friends to restaurants, those things are changing.”