Tim Kane

What do retailers need to do to successfully blend their online and offline experiences? How will mobile solutions factor into the retail stores of the future? Today’s guest is Tim Kane, retail solutions consultant at Zebra Technologies, and he joins the podcast today to discuss the changes that are happening in the retail space. Listen in to hear what Tim has to say about changes that retailers should make as customers come back to stores post-pandemic, how retailers make decisions about brick and mortar solutions, and how retailers can best utilize labor.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

What Zebra Technologies is all about
Biggest changes that Tim has seen in customer behavior
Whether online shopping behavior will stay the same or change post-pandemic
Changes that retailers should make as customers come back to the stores
General advice to retailers for combining online and offline experiences
Example of a retailer experience that Tim really likes
Three characteristics of customer profile that represents today’s brick and mortar retail store
How to analyze and make a decision about brick and mortar solutions
What retailers should be thinking about in their locations of the future
Technologies that were adopted faster than Tim expected
How retailers can best utilize labor
Places Tim recommends visiting in Boston



Tim Kane



“I think that we’re going to see a significant stickiness to online – if that’s going to end up being 20%, 25%, who knows – but that still means 75% of the shoppers are going to go to stores.”

“The advice that we try to give them is be as consistent as you can be. So try to make sure that your brand is represented online the same way you would want to have it represented when you get to the store.”

“If you go to the store a couple of times and you don’t find your product, you’ll find another store, or you’ll just go online for that product going forward.”