Hugh Holman

Grocery shopping is vital to consumers even when other types of retail aren’t as vital, such as during a pandemic. Today’s guest works with a number of retail brands that are found in grocery stores. Hugh Holman is the CEO of Observa, a company that delivers in-store analytics in real-time to optimize the supply chain as well as the shopper experience. Listen in to hear what Hugh has to say about how Observa works, what long and short-term changes Hugh has seen in shopper behavior, and what his findings say about how brands position themselves and engage with customers.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

What led Hugh to start his company
How Observa works
Changes in customer behavior during the pandemic
Long term changes in consumer behavior
Experience Hugh has seen in stores that he likes
What’s changed to make grocery stores more engaging to customers
Findings of what brands engage with customers and how they do it
Key takeaways for how brands position themselves
Technologies that are being adopted at a faster pace than expected
What the future looks like for technologies in grocery
How grocery chains can use data to market to more people
What Hugh recommends visiting in Seattle



Hugh Holman



“We use artificial intelligence, then, to digitize the photos.”

“We merge with other data to deliver rich insights to our clients.”

“The public has been trained at least some percentage and they now know how to order online.”