MJ Munsell

Designing a brand is difficult enough, and in today’s environment, many retailers are trying to find ways to combine their offline and online brands to create one seamless experience. Today’s guest is hear to talk about that. M.J. Munsell is the Chief Creative Officer at MG2, a global architecture, design, strategy, and branding studio. Listen in to hear M.J. discuss her role at MG2, the creative process of building a brand process, and what retailers should be doing in preparation for the holiday season.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

What MG2 does
M.J.’s role at MG2
What goes into the creative process of building a process for a brand
Changes that M.J. has seen in customer behavior
Whether the pandemic-related changes are temporary or permanent
What retailers need to do to prepare for the holiday season and beyond
Areas that retailers get wrong when combining online and offline
Holistic things to look for in building in-store experiences
M.J.’s favorite in-store experiences
Technologies that are being adopted faster than M.J. expected
Fun things to do in Seattle



M.J. Munsell



“I read 45% of Boomers are shopping more online.”

“One of the trends that we’re looking at is supporting local businesses.”

“The experience in-store, particularly at the front of the store, is kind of in flux.”