Ethan Chernofsky

If you’re in retail, you know how important it is to have the right data. Today’s guest is in the business of collecting and finding use cases for data. Ethan Chernofsky is the VP of Marketing for, a location analytics company. In today’s episode, Ethan explains in detail what his company does and how retailers use the data that Placer works with. Listen in to hear what Ethan has to say about use cases for Placer’s services, how use cases have changed during the pandemic, and what retail should do and not do to create a good omnichannel experience.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

What does
How Placer’s technology works
Use cases for Placer’s services
Whether use cases have changed during COVID
What common operators need to do to prepare for the future
What retailers should avoid doing right now
Things to take note of when thinking about an omnichannel experience
Retailers that have done the online/offline experience really well
Technologies that are revolutionizing retail
Technologies that were adapted faster than Ethan expected
Technologies that will have the biggest impact on shaping the future
Fun spots to visit in Tel Aviv


Ethan Chernofsky



“The cool thing about data is it’s essentially an endless well of information. It’s just, can you figure out the right questions to ask?”

“When you think of the world of ecommerce and online distribution, the cheat code that that channel had was the ability to very rapidly optimize and maximize output.”

“Be wary of the extreme narratives.”