Scott Williams

During a pandemic, you find out what businesses are truly essential. It’s perhaps not surprising that the businesses that power everything from medical devices to cars to household electronics are very much essential during such a complicated time. Today’s guest is Scott Williams, the CEO of Batteries Plus. Listen to the episode to find out what Scott has to say about the biggest changes to his business, how those changes varied from state to state, and what retailers should be doing as the pandemic comes to an end.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

What Batteries Plus is all about
How Scott got started with Batteries Plus
Biggest changes Scott has seen since the beginning of the year
Trends that Scott saw across the US
Changes that Scott thinks will stick or evolve
Changes outside of curbside that Batteries Plus has made
Advice for mid-stage operators trying to survive and thrive
What retailers should avoid doing as they come out of the pandemic
Approaches to education in the in-store experience
One of Scott’s favorite in-store experiences
Technologies that are being adopted faster than expected
Technologies that will have the biggest impact on brick and mortar in the future
Scott’s advice for retailers
What to check out in Milwaukee



Scott Williams



“Prior to the pandemic, we didn’t actively use the word “essential”. But certainly, when everything happened and the shelter-in-place went in, we quickly learned how essential our products were.”

“During that time, we actually had a national shortage on batteries that go into Power Wheels.”

“We’ve found that our immediacy needs have gone very high.”