Sandra Duff

If you’re looking for a way to present your brand to the world in a new and different way, today’s guest may be able to help. Sandra Duff is the Senior Vice President of Strategy Activation & Operations at Jackman Reinvents, and she joins the podcast today to talk about her expertise in brands, consumers, and how the retail space is changing. Listen in to hear what Sandra has to say about what her workday looks like, what changes Sandra has seen in consumer behavior, and what approaches Jackman takes to help their customers.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

What Jackman does
Examples of brands Jackman works with
What Sandra’s day to day work looks like
The biggest changes Sandra has seen in consumer behavior
How many of the changes Sandra thinks will stick
Whether things like curbside pickup and delivery will decrease from current levels even if they stay elevated from pre-COVID levels
What approaches Jackman takes to helping customers
Sandra’s advice to smaller operators
How much personalization matters going forward
Sandra’s favorite in-store experiences
Key takeaways for other retailers
Sandra’s thoughts on the future of brick and mortar
Places Sandra recommends in Ontario



Sandra Duff



“I think it might be one of the trends that we think might actually stick around, because people have realized “I can do this stuff,” and they’re making choices differently as a result of that.”

“When I think about how some retailers that are really small have now started to do things like delivery on their own without a third-party service, I just think that’s so interesting.”

“I think we’re going to keep expecting this pace of innovation.”