Seth Gordon

In some cases, business owners have not only changed the way that they do business because of the pandemic, they’ve also had to change what kinds of customers they serve. That’s what today’s guest discovered as his business, which had been primarily in the B to B space, started serving consumers more directly in the midst of the pandemic.

Seth Gordon is the owner and CEO of Comm-Fit Holdings and the Flo Wellness group, and he joins the podcast today to talk about his organization’s experience in the fitness industry during the COVID-19 pandemic and how things in that industry are changing. Listen in to learn about how his company’s consumer service has changed, how the company changed internally, and what trends Seth sees coming in the future.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

What Comm-Fit and Flo Wellness do
How Seth moved from sales and investments into fitness
How COVID affected Seth’s business
How the company’s consumer service has changed due to COVID
The changes Seth’s company had to make internally
The most difficult part of COVID-related changes
What resources Sam looked to during the changes
Behavior trends that Sam noticed before COVID
Trends that Seth expects to see over the next few years
Whether the fitness industry will see new demands from consumers in the future
Advice for business owners trying to get back into the groove of their business
Seth’s favorite places to visit in the Dallas area



Seth Gordon




“But all in all, you know health and wellness is more important than ever.”

“You can look at downcycles or pandemics in one of two ways. You can look at is as “woe is me” or you can look at it as an opportunity to develop and improve your organization.”

“We look at the families of our team members as our extended family.”