Kraig Torres

Many small restauranteurs are struggling in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, but today’s guest shows that it is possible to survive even in a challenging environment. Kraig Torres is the founder and CEO of HopCity Craft Beer and Wine, and he joins the podcast today to talk about his restaurant Boxcar – how he decided to open it, what challenges he faced along the way, and how his company has been faring during the current crisis. Listen in to hear what Kraig has to say about what Boxcar is all about, how COVID-19 affected Kraig’s business, and what changes he’s adopted that are here to stay.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

What Boxcar is all about
What inspired Kraig to start the company initially
The hurdles Kraig faced growing his company
Things Kraig wishes he’d done differently
How COVID-19 has affected Kraig’s business
What changes Kraig’s restaurants have adopted that he thinks are here to stay
New technologies Kraig has added because of the pandemic
Shifts in how Kraig’s customers interact with the restaurant
What’s different about inside dining in Kraig’s restaurant
How Kraig’s employees feel about the changes
Recommended resources for similar small operations
Technologies that Kraig is thinking about adopting in the future
Tips for restauranters
Kraig’s favorite must-visit locations in the Atlanta area



Kraig Torres




“I very quickly realized that the beer we were drinking back at home in the 80s maybe wasn’t as good as beer got.”

“The third challenge was, of course, finding that right team and making sure everybody agreed with your vision forward.”

“We have seen our most loyal fans become even more loyal.”